Développé avec Berta.me

  1. Graduated of the art School of photography "Le Septantecinq" ( Le 75 ), Brussels. And from Hochschule Hannover.

    I live and work mainly in Brussels but I'm often in France and Germany. 

    Especially interested about the production of energy, the global warming subjects and the impact of human on the environment. 

    I also make somes commissions.

    • February 2020: Winner of the Brussels City Price. ( With Mathilde Mahoudeau )
    • February 2020: Médiatine Exhibition at Médiatine Brussels, Project: Deuxième saison (Belgium) ( With Mathilde Mahoudeau )
    • September 2019: Exhibition Strike !  at Centre Culturel de Huy, (Belgium).
    • February 2019 - June 2019 : admitted in the international class of photography in Hochschule Hannover (Germany)
    • February 2019: Exhibition Strike ! ( German Coal x Iode ) at Centre Culturel de Ottignies. (Belgium)
    • June 2018: Exhibition at La Cambre Horta, Brussels. (Belgium)
    • November 2017: Publication de German Coal dans Vice Belgium: http://vicebelgique.com/lallemagne-et-son-or-noir/